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Life Change Institute (L.C.I.) is a 90-day, 24-hour, program for adults, age 18 and above, who are experiencing chemical dependency. The program offers assured freedom from drug addiction to those adults who meet the criteria for acceptance.

Applicants must have a respect for Spiritual information given through the Word of God.

Applicants must have a personal desire themselves to be free from drugs and alcohol.

Applicants must be willing to submit to the 24-hour, 90-day monitoring system.

Life Change Institute will not accept students who:

Are under doctor's care for a medical or psychological condition that is drug-related.

Exhibit the need for psychological help during the assessment interview.

Life Change Institute operates under the concept of a 24-hour, 90-day learning center that provides a spiritual and therapeutic environment The individual now knows  how to live free from addiction. The program teaches that this freedom comes from a change of  B.A.T. (Behavior Attitude and Thinking )  
" A Problem shared is a problem cut in half " ..B.Swift

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