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Life Change Institute (L.C.I.) is a 90-day, 24-hour, program for adults who are experiencing chemical dependency. The program offers assured freedom from drug addiction for those adults who meet the criteria for acceptance.

Applicants must have a respect for Spiritual information given through the Word of God.

Applicants must have a personal desire for themselves to be free from drugs and alcohol.

Applicants must be willing to submit to the 24-hour, 90-day monitoring system.

Life Change Institute will not accept students who:

Are under doctor's care for any medical or psychological condition or exhibits the need for psychological help during the assessment interview.

Life Change Institute operates under the concept of a 24-hour, 90-day learning center that provides a spiritual and therapeutic environment that teaches the individual  how to live free from addiction. The program teaches that  freedom from addiction comes from changing your B.A.T.
(Behavior, Attitude, and Thinking )

     " A Problem shared is a problem cut in half "


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